Analytics and Reports with Andròmina Rent

Did you know that Andròmina Rent can share its data with the most skilled data analytics tools in the market such as Tableau, Qlik or Microsoft Power BI

Using data analytics will give you a more accurate understanding of your company and will let you make better strategic decisions. With such add ons, Andromina Rent can expand its features from being a well known cross-platform management software specially tailored for the AV rental industry to a sophisticated business prediction provider.

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Andròmina Rent

Andròmina Rent allows you to have control of your stock, crew, subrents, invoicing and calendars in an intuitive and effective way”


“you can work smarter, spot trends faster, and predict outcomes”


“you can empower everyone in your organization to make better decisions daily, creating a truly data-driven enterprise.

Microsoft Power BI.

“Empower team members to discover insights hidden in your data with Microsoft Power BI.”

David Roselló joins Andròmina Rent.

After an intense career in the world of professional audio David Roselló has reached an agreement to collaborate in the distribution of management software for rental companies AndròminaRent. Designed by Pep Espunyes, AndròminaRent is a is a cross-platform management software tailored for the AV rental industry that allows you to have control of your stock, crew, subrents, invoicing and calendars in an intuitive and effective way.

“After more than 20 years responding to the particular needs of this sector, AndròminaRent is being used by the main sound, light and AV rental companies in the country and has become a quality standard for both its multiple add ons and its simplicity. ”David Roselló tells us. “Besides”he continues – “I appreciate in AndròminaRent the philosophy of offering simple solutions to complex problems with which I have always felt identified. It is clear that such a tool will be increasingly essential not only to raise the level on the production and sales side but also when it comes to the need for real-time control from each single department of a company. I am also more than happy to team up with Pep Espunyes whom I have known since his event producer years and whom I have always perceived as a demanding person with a great vision of all the needs of our profession. ”

Claris connects Andròmina Rent to third parties.

On March 3 in Santa Clara, California, Claris International Inc., Apple subsidiary and creator of FileMaker, the platform on which Andròmina Rent is developed, launched the Claris Connect program to provide its customers with an intuitive interface to connect applications and automate workflows.

“Andròmina Rent already offered the possibility of connections with third-party applications such as Google Cal”, explains Pep Espunyes, developer of Andròmina Rent, “but Claris Connect opens the door for on-demand connection with a multitude of applications and web services in order to automate all kinds of processes such as the acceptance and digital signature of budgets, manage the recipient lists of Mailchimp and other email marketing programs, synchronize calendars in project management programs such as Trello, interact with SalesForce and other CRMs in the cloud, manage a virtual store with Shopify and much more. In short, it represents a great step forward in the integration of Andròmina Rent with the cloud ”.

“While Claris Connect implies an additional cost, it will undoubtedly benefit Andròmina Rent users by advancing workflow and communication automation in a company,” adds David Roselló in charge of AndròminaRent distribution from GambiniPro.

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